"WoW Latest Build" Gadget

What is this?

This is a Google Gadget that shows the latest live and alpha wow build available.
It downloads the PatchSequenceFile used by the actual launcher to check for new versions, parses it and displays the latest and live builds.
The information should be updated every 15 minutes automaticaly.

Adding this to your page

Add to iGoogle

Click the "+ Google" button above

Add to any page (like used on THIS page)

Go Here, customize and press "Get the Code" to add it to ANY html page

Sites / Software that works with Google gadgets

Google Desktop, Many different CMS and Blogging platforms and many social sites support those directly.
For those enter: http://wrath.wikidot.com/local--files/wow-latest-build-gadget/v1.xml as the gadget URL

Known Issues

  • The PatchSequenceFile is retrieved via google cache, sometime the cache lags and this may cause any updates to it to lag as well.
  • Patches released only via the login server but not as a downloadable file will not show up. (But lately those were not used by blizzard)

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